Board Selection Criteria

USEA Executive Board Selection Criteria

Personal Characteristics

  • Is personable and easy to approach, accessible to members
  • Thinks strategically about USEA, STEM education, and teacher preparation
  • Values and promotes consensus, cooperation, and participation among all board members
  • Uses knowledge for decision making that benefits the overall organization
  • Has an appreciation for and understanding of diversity
  • Understands USEA staff resource and budget constraints
  • Has experience on other boards or held previous leadership positions—a plus, but not a must


  • Has support from employer and colleagues regarding the time required for board service
  • Is able to attend Executive Board meetings and the annual UTeach Conference in May, as well as participate in ad hoc conference calls

Board Diversity

  • Diverse in age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, geographic representation, etc.
  • Broad representation of UTeach programs
  • Broad representation of the roles within UTeach (e.g., co-directors, master teachers, faculty, student support staff, alumni, etc.)
  • Diverse special interests/expertise

About the Executive Board

The USEA Executive Board is comprised of up to 8 members and meets three times a year (face-to-face at the annual UTeach STEM Educators Conference in June and twice via web conference). The board consists of the president, vice president, past president, secretary-treasurer, three members-at-large, a non-voting member from the UTeach Institute, and a non-voting member from the National Math + Science Initiative. At least one member of the board should be a master teacher, and at least one member should be a UTeach alumnus. See the current Executive Board.