About the UTeach Alumni Management System

Annual National UTeach Graduate Production 2021-22

The UTeach Alumni Management System houses the most current employment data for your alumni. It allows professional-level USEA member programs to generate a range of reports, including data about the retention of your alumni in the teaching workforce, Title I employment, current teaching and employment data, and more.

These data make it possible to report on and project the number of students who will be taught by UTeach alumni, study the impact of UTeach alumni on their students, create state snapshots, and conduct research on STEM education. This research and reporting provides valuable insight into the success of our programs and supports our fundraising efforts.

Each professional-level USEA member program has a single login to the UTeach Alumni Management System.

User Guide

The UTeach Alumni Management System User Guide includes a cheat sheet with a list of reports that can be generated using the system.

Download the UTeach Alumni Management System User Guide [PDF 2MB].

Log in to the Alumni Management System.