Board Nominations & Criteria

Who is Eligible to Serve on the Executive Board? 

USEA’s Leadership Development Committee accepts nominations for open positions on the Executive Board once a year. Eligibility includes anyone in the following categories: 

  • Faculty, staff, Co-Directors, Master Teachers, and others from fully implemented, dues-paying UTeach programs
  • Alumni of any UTeach program

You may nominate yourself or some else who meets the criteria.

2024 Timeline 

  • November 13, 2023: Nomination window opens
  • December 17, 2023: Deadline for nominations 
  • January 9, 2024: Leadership Development Committee reviews finalists 
  • January 12, 2024: Board slate presented to USEA president 
  • February 1, 2024: Board slate presented to USEA membership 
  • Early March new board members confirmed and plans made to attend the in-person meeting in Austin, Texas in May

What Does the Executive Board Do? 

Executive Board members are responsible for strategic planning, evaluation, and leadership on behalf of USEA. The Board is responsible for envisioning association initiatives, setting their direction, and evaluating them for progress and success. 

Benefits of Serving on the USEA Board 

  • Connect with other programs and alumni and enhance your own practice and program 
  • Leverage your expertise to support and launch new initiatives
  • Grow as a leader and support others on their leadership journey

How Much Time Does Executive Board Service Require? 

The USEA Executive Board meets three times per year—the first meeting is in-person in conjunction with the annual UTeach STEM Educators Conference in May and the other two meetings are via web conference in October and February. Board members should be willing to invest time to prepare for and participate in meetings and any ad hoc conference calls.

The USEA President and Vice President usually have a leadership meeting with UTeach staff and others once a week (or as needed) throughout the year.

Criteria and Selection Process 

USEA is searching for individuals who can make decisions that reflect the entire UTeach network. 

We are also looking for candidates with an understanding of the time commit necessary for Board service—those who can attend all Executive Board meetings, the annual UTeach STEM Educators Conference, and weekly leadership meetings as well as participate in ad hoc conference calls. 

Candidates with previously held leadership positions or experience on other boards is helpful but not required. 

Skills, Background, and Diversity

Candidates should be able to:

  • Think strategically about USEA, STEM education, and teacher preparation
  • Bring new ideas and perspectives to the current Board
  • Use technical knowledge and decision-making skills that benefit the overall organization
  • Understand the intricacies of UTeach and USEA
  • Provide a wide range of perspectives and unique expertise to UTeach program and role representation (e.g., alumni, Co-Directors, Master Teachers, faculty, student support staff, etc.)

Quality of CV and Personal Statement 

Candidate's CV should:

  • Show experience with UTeach, USEA, and STEM education, in general
  • Provide insight into career progression, success in past and current roles, and general appreciation for STEM education and teacher preparation

Candidate's personal statement should:

  • Clearly articulate personal strengths and how these would add value to the Board
  • Demonstrate strategic thinking about USEA, STEM education, and teacher preparation
  • Discuss how the candidate would bring fresh perspectives to the current Board

Leadership Mentoring Opportunity

If you're interested in meeting with a volunteer mentor from the current USEA Leadership Development Committee, please email and indicate the general days/times when you are available. We will pair you up with an available mentor for a 30-minute one-on-one Zoom meeting during which you can ask questions about Board roles and receive feedback on ideas you might have for your application. 

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