Get Involved

Are you interested in making a greater impact in your local and national STEM community? Here are some ways to connect with colleagues, share ideas, build your network, and make it your mission to help prepare and support the very best STEM teachers for our schools. 

USEA Awards

The USEA awards are one way we recognize exceptional individuals who demonstrate excellence in STEM education. 


Past winners

Committees and Working Groups

UTeach program faculty and staff and UTeach alumni can join a USEA committee or working group to influence STEM conversations and events within our national network. These committees and working groups provide opportunities for engaging in valuable discussions on advancing STEM education, planning events like the annual UTeach STEM Educators Conference and various professional development opportunities, and sharing resources on recruitment and research. Learn more about committees and working groups here.

USEA Executive Board

USEA Executive Board members are responsible for strategic planning, evaluation and leadership on behalf of the association.


Current Executive Board

UTeach Student Leaders Association (USLA)

The UTeach Student Leaders Association (USLA) is a student-led national network open to all pre-service teachers enrolled in UTeach programs. 


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