Committees and Working Groups

Who Can Contribute

USEA committees and working groups give members of the UTeach network space to lead, collaborate, and grow.

Committee membership is restricted to anyone from a USEA dues-paying UTeach program and to all alumni regardless of program.* 

*Anyone at a UTeach program is a member of USEA. Dues-paying UTeach programs receive extra benefits and access to resources. Every UTeach alumnus regardless of UTeach program receive all benefits available to alumni. Programs: Learn more about the benefits of joining as a dues-paying program.

Working group membership is open to anyone at any UTeach program and to all alumni.


As part of a dues-paying UTeach program or an alumnus, you can join a USEA committee. Our committees provide  avenues for influencing STEM education discussions on a national scale and contributing to the development of USEA and UTeach programs.

Shape the future of USEA. Engage in discussions, share insights, and contribute ideas to directly impact USEA's direction and initiatives.

Have influence at the national level. Gain the ability to voice  opinions on critical matters concerning STEM education, both at the national level and within our UTeach programs. This active participation empowers you to make meaningful contributions to the ongoing discourse on STEM education.

Grow leadership experience. Become involved with a prominent national organization, gain leadership experience, and build relationships with others working toward improving STEM education.

Current committees:

  • Leadership Development Committee 
  • Awards Committee 
  • Publications Committee 

To learn more about committee charges and time commitments, visit the Groups section in USEA Connect.

Working Groups

Participation in working groups is open to all UTeach programs and alumni. These groups form to address specific areas of need for programs and alumni.

To learn more about these working groups, visit the Groups section in USEA Connect.

Professional Development and Induction Working Group


Recruitment Working Group


Research Working Group


Conference Programming Working Group

The Conference Programming Working Group works to ensure that the annual UTeach STEM Educators Conference serves the current needs of the network. The group identifies a unifying conference theme, creates session strands, and generates ideas for enhancing attendee engagement. This group recruits members immediately after a conference ends so they can work on the next conference. Potential group members complete an interest form. The group for the 2024 conference is already established. We will release a 2024 conference group interest form in June 2023. 

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